JetBlue E190


As the Pan Am 747 made its final approach into Kennedy carrying a young impressionable boy and his family to their new home, he fell in love with the island of lights called Manhattan that was revealed to him through the small window.

That love of New York City grew and evolved into a love of night photography and urban photography that dominates my style today.

Self-taught, I’ve been shooting landscapes, cityscapes, still-life, nature, and conceptual/abstract for over 30 years. I’m drawn to dramatic contrasts in theme, color, and light that evoke emotion. I look for moments of beauty often overlooked and taken for granted; slices of beautiful reality missed by the masses.

My name is Garfield M. Harry. I am an artist and this is my work.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Queens College (CUNY)
Double Minor in Journalism and Studio Art

Alice Austen Museum -2007

Reflect-Art -2008

Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition:
-2005, 2006, and 2007

"Art of Coney Island" -Summer 2021
"Hello, Brooklyn" - Fall 2021

"Wide Open" National Juried Show - Spring 2022
"Elements" Spring 2022
"Portals" Summer 2022
Honey Badger Motel-Dec 2022- Jan 2023

“The ARC Project: Humans from Mundane to Mythical” National Juried Show - 2023
“COLOR” National Juried Show - 2023
“RAICES/Roots” - National Juried Show - 2023

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce “Corner Gallery” Dec 2023 - Jan 2024

"Fun" Show - Summer 2022
"Fresh and Local" Show - Fall 2022
“Winter Blues” Jan 2024 Online Member Show on

My work is also available for view and purchase at:



Dedicated to Evelyn Hazel Harry

I owe my unique vision and perspective to my parents who inspired in me the ability to truely see the world. My art is dedicated to the wonderful creative soul of Evelyn Hazel Harry who left this world June 2023.

I will love you forever. 

copyright Garfield Harry 2024